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Waxing Questions Answered

Look no further for all the pertinent info about waxing! 


Does it hurt? 

The process is quite simple, spread on the wax and then remove it quickly. Waxing can be uncomfortable, but there are techniques to make it as comfortable as possible. Everyone's pain tolerance level is different. Some people can barely handle an eyebrow wax, and others can sleep through the longer waxing services, like legs. Waxing does not feel anything like plucking. The bottom line is, it isn't as scary as you think. There are also topical anesthetics that you can use. Ask about them!


How long do I have to grow my hair out?

Hair needs to be at least 1/4" long, but any longer than 1/2" will require trimming before your appointment. (It's helpful if you do this before. You may also shave 2 to 3 weeks prior to your appointment and wait for the proper length.)


I can't imagine ever letting my hair grow out!

In our currect society for women, there's a lot of pressure to not have visible body hair, however the benefits of waxing are worth the temporary hair growth. With time, you get used to letting things grow out and when it comes down to it, not shaving saves time and energy.


What about ingrown hairs?

Ingrowns can be a problem. Here are some ways to deal with them when they occur. The best way to help ingrowns surface is to regularly exfoliate. Any body scrub will do. This is recommended two or three times a week, but you don't want to irritate your skin by doing it too much. Using a product with salicylic acid will help as well (acne facial scrubs). Just remember to not exfoliate the same day you wax. If hairs are growing just below the surface, you can release them with a pair of needle point tweezers, but don't pull them out. This will cause a scab and will then create another ingrown hair below it. There are also topical products that help ingrowns that are availabe at our office. 


How irritated will the area be after I wax?

Everyone's reaction can be a little different depending on what you're getting waxed and how sensitive your skin is. A little redness is typical and goes away shortly after. Your skin may feel a little sore to the touch the first time you wax. Post-waxing, it is recommended that you don't tan, take a hot shower, exfoliate, or shave etc because the skin is already irritated. Some body parts will show little to no irritation, such as the legs or back, but places like the face and bikini area are going to be more sensitive to waxing. The typical reactions are temporary and will fade after your service. If your skin becomes noticeably irritated or tender during your service, please let your Waxing Specialist know. 

Will my hair grow back thicker?

No it will not. After repeated waxing services, hair will become finer. Since regular waxing weakens the follicle of the hair, it is often the case that hair grows in more sparse as well. 


Why am I paying so much for waxing?

 Waxing prices are what they are because there are many variables that your specialist is trained to handle. Are the waxes at the right temperature? What direction is the hair growing in? What wax is the best wax for the job? How is the temperature of the room and the temperature of the client impacting the wax? Is the client's skin in good condition for this service? Where is the best place to hold the skin taut? There are also many risks for waxing and your specialist is trained to handle them. So know that you are in good hands and that's what you are paying for: the most pleasant experience possible and piece of mind! 







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