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Ayla Fialko, Licensed Massage Therapist


PLEASE NOTE: Ayla has transitioned to private practice and is no longer taking new clients. Please inquire if you would like a referral to other wonderful massage therapists in the area. Feel free to provide your info (name, phone number, email) and if there are future openings, you may be contacted should something open up! 


Existing clients can still book via the online booking system. 

Availability is by appointment only and subject to change.

Please inquire about available appointment times.




  • Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage
  • Full Body Waxing Services
  • Reiki
  • Cupping



  • Shiatsu/Acupressure
  • Reiki I & II Attunements/Classes
  • House Calls (for individuals unable to travel)
  • Paraffin wax treatments for hands/feet
  • Hot Stone massage
  • Couples massage
  • Massage instruction for couples/individuals



Ayla's sessions are very focused, and tend to implement a lot of firm pressure that will go as deep as your muscles will allow. The time is used to find your problem areas and work them out.

Just from moving around and doing the activities you do, your muscle fibers and connective tissue adhere to each other and create areas of immobility (either within the tissue or reducing the range of motion of different body parts). A massage's job is to release these adhesions and get those areas moving again. This can sometimes be an uncomfortable process. The level of discomfort is dependent on a few factors: how long the tissue has been in the problematic condition, the demands you are putting on your body, how much you stretch, etc. For some people, they enjoy the more intense work, and some people need less pressure until their nervous system adjusts. The goal is to make sure the massage is still relaxing, the pressure is completely tolerable, and that you communicate how you're feeling. Your massage will have specific goals in mind and range of motion and muscle tightness will be assessed during sessions, as well as postural issues and flexibility. Some clients ask that a percentage of the massage be "nice" and their request is gladly granted.

*If you are looking for a relaxing, Swedish massage, this is not the massage therapist for you.*


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