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Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first massage. What should I expect?

Your therapist will show you into the massage room and inquire about any physical issues you are having. She will then leave you to get undressed (you don't have to leave anything on, but some are more comfortable in their underwear). You then get on the massage table under the sheet and blanket. The therapist will knock at the door after a few minutes and will begin, only undraping the part of the body she is working on at the time.

Why isn't massage covered by insurance?

In some cases it can be, such as workmen's compensation, but for the most part insurance companies don't like to invest in preventative care. This is mainly because people are constantly switching insurance companies (such as people changing jobs) that it doesn't make sense financially. However, if it could become more widely accepted that massage can be a valid treatment for injuries or pain (rather than JUST preventative care or a luxury), there may come a time when insurance will cover massage treatments. 

How often should I come in for massages?

There is no limit to how often you can get a massage. Once a month is typical for "regular maintenance". Once a week is preferable if you have a specific complaint that needs more work. Massage is cumulative and the more often you come in the easier your body remembers how to relax and progress can be made. Getting a massage once a year makes it so you essentially have to start from scratch each time.

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