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Ayla Fialko graduated from Finger Lakes School of Massage (Ithaca, NY) in 2004. She also holds degrees in music and Psychology from SUNY Fredonia, which were completed in 2009. She's been practicing Reiki since 2004 and started teaching the healing method in 2010. She has worked in multiple settings: a day spa, a fitness center, a wellness center, with assisted living residents, a chiropractic office, and in private practice. 

Her holistic approach to health and wellbeing brings in her studies of dance (ballet, jazz, and ballroom) as well as classical singing, given the stress on body awareness and posture in these activities. Incorporating stretching and posture modifications as well as strengthening exercises allows her to promote better body awareness in her clients. 

She has attended a handful of workshops pertaining to Shiatsu, Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory and plans to continue her pursuit of knowledge in these areas. Currently, she is working on getting her personal training certification to complement courses in nutrition that were recently completed. 



Getting a massage should not be considered a way to pamper yourself only so often, but a consistent part of your wellness regime. All too often, clients come in experiencing extreme discomfort and a limited range of motion. By this time, it will take multiple sessions to relax and release muscles. Clients can expect one 60 minute session to fix issues they have been experiencing for years. This is unrealistic. By getting massages regularly (once a month is most common), issues are remedied before they cause pain and discomfort.

Take your health seriously and constantly assess the areas of your health and wellness that need improvement. Exercise, proper nutrition, and meditative practices should be regularly incorportated into one's life. There are many wonderful alternative therapies out there: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, etc. Take advantage of them! 


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